George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Silence  Abt 1659Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I485 Main Tree 
2 CHILD, Richard  Abt 1642Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I668 Main Tree 
3 CLIFT, Betty  18 Jun 1741Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7866 Main Tree 
4 CLIFT, Captain Joseph  22 Jun 1736Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7864 Main Tree 
5 CLIFT, Captain William  28 Dec 1720Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7858 Main Tree 
6 CLIFT, Church  29 May 1748Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7867 Main Tree 
7 CLIFT, Lydia  12 Jan 1729Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7861 Main Tree 
8 CLIFT, Nathaniel  11 Sep 1726Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7860 Main Tree 
9 CLIFT, Rhoda  20 Apr 1746Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1875 Main Tree 
10 CLIFT, Sarah  26 Mar 1739Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7865 Main Tree 
11 CLIFT, Wills  8 Apr 1724Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7859 Main Tree 
12 CLIFT, Wills  7 Apr 1731Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7862 Main Tree 
13 CLIFT, Zilpha  18 Aug 1734Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7863 Main Tree 
14 DOGGETT, Hannah  28 Dec 1693Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7856 Main Tree 
15 DOGGETT, Isaac  7 Jun 1692Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7855 Main Tree 
16 EAMES, Abagail  1 Feb 1691Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7852 Main Tree 
17 EAMES, Damaris  19 May 1690Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7851 Main Tree 
18 EAMES, Deborah  30 May 1696Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7853 Main Tree 
19 EAMES, Hannah  23 Apr 1684Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7846 Main Tree 
20 EAMES, Isaac  23 Jul 1688Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7849 Main Tree 
21 EAMES, Jane  25 Aug 1699Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7854 Main Tree 
22 EAMES, Jedediah  19 Apr 1701Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7845 Main Tree 
23 EAMES, John  9 May 1687Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7848 Main Tree 
24 EAMES, Jonathan  1655Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I669 Main Tree 
25 EAMES, Jonathan  3 May 1685Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7847 Main Tree 
26 EAMES, Lydia  7 May 1694Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7850 Main Tree 
27 FORD, Abigail  24 Sep 1735Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7821 Main Tree 
28 FORD, Abner  8 Nov 1724Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7818 Main Tree 
29 FORD, Elijah  2 May 1731Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7820 Main Tree 
30 FORD, Levi  18 May 1739Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7822 Main Tree 
31 FORD, Nathan  15 Jan 1727Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7819 Main Tree 
32 FORD, Silence  22 Nov 1722Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7817 Main Tree 
33 FORD, William Jr.  Sep 1696Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1869 Main Tree 
34 HATCH, Deacon Joel  3 Apr 1771Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7825 Main Tree 
35 THOMAS, Eleanor  10 Feb 1733Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7857 Main Tree 
36 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Betsy Church  28 Mar 1776Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1879 Main Tree 
37 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Captain Church Clift  10 Jul 1771Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1882 Main Tree 
38 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Captain Church Clift Jr.  24 Dec 1801Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7765 Main Tree 
39 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Captain Samuel  25 Jan 1767Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1884 Main Tree 
40 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Charles Sampson  2 Sep 1803Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1971 Main Tree 
41 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Hannah  1700Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I487 Main Tree 
42 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Huldah  10 Dec 1775Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1883 Main Tree 
43 TROUANT/TRUFANT, John  1655Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I482 Main Tree 
44 TROUANT/TRUFANT, John  1703Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I489 Main Tree 
45 TROUANT/TRUFANT, John  20 Feb 1739Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1874 Main Tree 
46 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Joseph  Abt 1680Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I490 Main Tree 
47 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Joseph  9 Apr 1764Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1880 Main Tree 
48 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Lucy Sampson  29 May 1806Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1972 Main Tree 
49 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Lydia  2 May 1744Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1873 Main Tree 
50 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Mary  Abt 1695Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I488 Main Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHURCH, Elizabeth  31 Jul 1743Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1878 Main Tree 
2 ROGERS, Mary  23 Jun 1706Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1870 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Jane  Abt 1678Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I81 Main Tree 
2 Silence  26 Feb 1718Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I485 Main Tree 
3 CHILD, Richard  1691Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I668 Main Tree 
4 CHURCH, Judith  4 Jan 1782Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I366 Main Tree 
5 CLIFT, Betty  6 Nov 1833Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7866 Main Tree 
6 CLIFT, Captain Joseph  21 Nov 1828Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7864 Main Tree 
7 CLIFT, Captain William  10 Feb 1778Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7858 Main Tree 
8 CLIFT, Church  24 Nov 1769Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7867 Main Tree 
9 CLIFT, Nathaniel  1761Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7860 Main Tree 
10 CLIFT, Rhoda  5 May 1838Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1875 Main Tree 
11 CLIFT, Sarah  24 Feb 1814Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7865 Main Tree 
12 CLIFT, William Jr.  23 Jan 1750Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I322 Main Tree 
13 CLIFT, Wills  2 Dec 1729Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7859 Main Tree 
14 CLIFT, Wills  22 Dec 1737Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7862 Main Tree 
15 CLIFT, Zilpha  7 Dec 1734Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7863 Main Tree 
16 DOGGETT, Isaac  21 Sep 1692Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7855 Main Tree 
17 DOGGETT, John  1718Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I670 Main Tree 
18 EAMES, Jedediah  1738Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7845 Main Tree 
19 EAMES, Jonathan  31 May 1724Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I669 Main Tree 
20 FORD, Elijah  19 Nov 1792Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7820 Main Tree 
21 FORD, Levi  9 Jan 1813Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7822 Main Tree 
22 FORD, William Jr.  22 Dec 1761Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1869 Main Tree 
23 HALL, Danforth  2 May 1849Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1881 Main Tree 
24 HATCH, Deacon Joel  4 Apr 1849Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7825 Main Tree 
25 ROGERS, Mary  1754Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1870 Main Tree 
26 SAMPSON, Lucia D.  7 Oct 1867Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1885 Main Tree 
27 THOMAS, Eleanor  6 Feb 1814Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7857 Main Tree 
28 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Captain Church Clift  20 Mar 1855Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1882 Main Tree 
29 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Captain Church Clift Jr.  Dec 1879Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7765 Main Tree 
30 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Hannah  26 Feb 1787Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I487 Main Tree 
31 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Huldah  20 Aug 1827Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1883 Main Tree 
32 TROUANT/TRUFANT, John  11 Apr 1730Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I482 Main Tree 
33 TROUANT/TRUFANT, John  May 1749Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I489 Main Tree 
34 TROUANT/TRUFANT, John  1811Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1874 Main Tree 
35 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Samuel  26 Feb 1718Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7816 Main Tree 
36 TROUANT/TRUFANT, Samuel  28 Aug 1819Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1871 Main Tree 
37 TRUANT/TRUFANT, Hannah  1713Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I479 Main Tree 
38 TRUANT/TRUFANT, Mehitable  Abt 1696Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I481 Main Tree 
39 TRUANT/TRUFANT, Morris  21 Apr 1685Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I80 Main Tree 
40 WATERMAN, Robert  10 Dec 1652Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2151 Main Tree 
41 WING, Sarah  16 Feb 1790Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I8322 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 DOGGETT, Isaac  21 Sep 1692Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I7855 Main Tree 
2 WATERMAN, Robert  12 Dec 1652Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2151 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 CHILD / TRUANT/TRUFANT  24 Jan 1664Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F194 Main Tree 
2 DOGGETT / TRUANT/TRUFANT  3 Sep 1691Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F195 Main Tree 
3 EAMES / TRUANT/TRUFANT  11 Jan 1682Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F193 Main Tree 
4 FAUNCE / TROUANT/TRUFANT  13 Apr 1764Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F604 Main Tree 
5 FORD / THOMAS  7 May 1753Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F2459 Main Tree 
6 FORD / TROUANT/TRUFANT  7 Dec 1721Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F600 Main Tree 
7 HALL / TROUANT/TRUFANT  15 Oct 1793Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F606 Main Tree 
8 HATCH / TROUANT/TRUFANT  21 Apr 1796Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F2454 Main Tree 
9 LITTLE / TROUANT/TRUFANT  2 Sep 1787Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F608 Main Tree 
10 PHILLIPS / TROUANT/TRUFANT  8 Apr 1762Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F603 Main Tree 
11 TROUANT/TRUFANT /   26 Oct 1693Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F196 Main Tree 
12 TROUANT/TRUFANT / BARNES  6 Jan 1674Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F63 Main Tree 
13 TROUANT/TRUFANT / CHURCH  31 Dec 1761Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F605 Main Tree 
14 TROUANT/TRUFANT / CLIFT  26 Jun 1766Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F602 Main Tree 
15 TROUANT/TRUFANT / ROGERS  Abt 1737Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F601 Main Tree 
16 TROUANT/TRUFANT / SAMPSON  Abt 1800Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F2449 Main Tree 
17 WATERMAN /   11 Dec 1638Marshfield, Plymouth, Massachusetts F718 Main Tree