George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Pagham, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth Ewen  Abt 1598Pagham, Sussex, England  I2273 Main Tree 
2 Mary  Abt 1671Pagham, Sussex, England  I87 Main Tree 
3 AUSTEN, Ann  Abt 1712Pagham, Sussex, England  I6658 Main Tree 
4 AUSTEN, Elizabeth  Abt 1716Pagham, Sussex, England  I6660 Main Tree 
5 AUSTEN, Mary  Abt 1714Pagham, Sussex, England  I6659 Main Tree 
6 EWEN, Ann  Abt 1692Pagham, Sussex, England  I90 Main Tree 
7 EWEN, Elizabeth  Abt 1644Pagham, Sussex, England  I6648 Main Tree 
8 EWEN, Elizabeth  Abt 1716Pagham, Sussex, England I1775 Main Tree 
9 EWEN, Henrie  Abt 1642Pagham, Sussex, England I6645 Main Tree 
10 EWEN, Henry  Abt 1618Pagham, Sussex, England  I3283 Main Tree 
11 EWEN, Henry  Abt 1694Pagham, Sussex, England  I457 Main Tree 
12 EWEN, John  Abt 1622Pagham, Sussex, England  I3284 Main Tree 
13 EWEN, John  Abt 1720Pagham, Sussex, England  I6654 Main Tree 
14 EWEN, John  Abt 1723Pagham, Sussex, England  I6650 Main Tree 
15 EWEN, Mary  Abt 1691Pagham, Sussex, England  I91 Main Tree 
16 EWEN, Mary  Abt 1723Pagham, Sussex, England  I6655 Main Tree 
17 EWEN, Mrs. Henrie  Abt 1644Pagham, Sussex, England I6646 Main Tree 
18 EWEN, Richard  Abt 1697Pagham, Sussex, England  I86 Main Tree 
19 EWEN, Stephen  Abt 1699Pagham, Sussex, England  I458 Main Tree 
20 EWEN, Thomas  Abt 1620Pagham, Sussex, England  I2274 Main Tree 
21 EWEN, Thomas  Abt 1669Pagham, Sussex, England  I679 Main Tree 
22 EWEN, Thomas  Abt 1690Pagham, Sussex, England I1395 Main Tree 
23 EWEN, Thomas  Abt 1725Pagham, Sussex, England  I1779 Main Tree 
24 EWEN, William  Abt 1626Pagham, Sussex, England I6644 Main Tree 
25 EWEN, William Sr.  Abt 1696Pagham, Sussex, England  I459 Main Tree 
26 KENCH, Edward  Abt 1672Pagham, Sussex, England  I2276 Main Tree 
27 KINCH, Frances  Abt 1695Pagham, Sussex, England  I1396 Main Tree 
28 STAKER, Francis Frank  6 Apr 1834Pagham, Sussex, England I1524 Main Tree 
29 TUSSE, Jane  Abt 1739Pagham, Sussex, England I6667 Main Tree 
30 TUSSE, Mary  Abt 1737Pagham, Sussex, England  I6666 Main Tree 
31 TUSSE, Sarah  Abt 1735Pagham, Sussex, England  I6665 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOUND, Mary  Abt 1723Pagham, Sussex, England  I1394 Main Tree 
2 EWEN, Edward  18 May 1721Pagham, Sussex, England I1776 Main Tree 
3 EWEN, Elizabeth  24 Apr 1744Pagham, Sussex, England I1380 Main Tree 
4 EWEN, Frances  14 Oct 1723Pagham, Sussex, England I1780 Main Tree 
5 EWEN, Richard  4 Nov 1718Pagham, Sussex, England I1393 Main Tree 
6 FRY, James  21 Jul 1820Pagham, Sussex, England I1734 Main Tree 
7 FRY, John  15 Jun 1823Pagham, Sussex, England I1735 Main Tree 
8 FRY, Thomas  21 Sep 1825Pagham, Sussex, England I1736 Main Tree 
9 POWELL, Anne  14 May 1826Pagham, Sussex, England I1713 Main Tree 
10 POWELL, Charlotte  19 Oct 1814Pagham, Sussex, England I1707 Main Tree 
11 POWELL, Ellen  14 May 1837Pagham, Sussex, England I1717 Main Tree 
12 POWELL, Harriet  12 Jan 1813Pagham, Sussex, England I1706 Main Tree 
13 POWELL, Isaac  13 Apr 1816Pagham, Sussex, England I1708 Main Tree 
14 POWELL, James  18 Jan 1824Pagham, Sussex, England I1712 Main Tree 
15 POWELL, John  3 Jan 1830Pagham, Sussex, England I1715 Main Tree 
16 POWELL, Mary  28 Sep 1828Pagham, Sussex, England I1714 Main Tree 
17 POWELL, Richard  23 Jan 1820Pagham, Sussex, England I1710 Main Tree 
18 POWELL, Ruth  5 Jan 1833Pagham, Sussex, England I1716 Main Tree 
19 POWELL, Thomas  24 Jan 1822Pagham, Sussex, England I1711 Main Tree 
20 POWELL, William  29 Dec 1817Pagham, Sussex, England I1709 Main Tree 
21 STAKER, Ann  26 Apr 1818Pagham, Sussex, England I1686 Main Tree 
22 STAKER, Charlotte  3 Apr 1814Pagham, Sussex, England I1448 Main Tree 
23 STAKER, Eliza  1 Aug 1812Pagham, Sussex, England I1447 Main Tree 
24 STAKER, Elizabeth  16 May 1794Pagham, Sussex, England I1440 Main Tree 
25 STAKER, Elizth  24 Feb 1793Pagham, Sussex, England I1681 Main Tree 
26 STAKER, Fanny  19 Jan 1797Pagham, Sussex, England I1441 Main Tree 
27 STAKER, Francis  23 Mar 1806Pagham, Sussex, England I1363 Main Tree 
28 STAKER, Harriet  18 Feb 1808Pagham, Sussex, England I1445 Main Tree 
29 STAKER, Henry  19 Mar 1769Pagham, Sussex, England I1435 Main Tree 
30 STAKER, Henry  4 Apr 1790Pagham, Sussex, England I1438 Main Tree 
31 STAKER, James  25 Jun 1826Pagham, Sussex, England I1738 Main Tree 
32 STAKER, Jane  25 Feb 1795Pagham, Sussex, England I1682 Main Tree 
33 STAKER, Jenny  8 May 1766Pagham, Sussex, England I1433 Main Tree 
34 STAKER, John  8 Apr 1761Pagham, Sussex, England I1430 Main Tree 
35 STAKER, John  1 Mar 1801Pagham, Sussex, England I1443 Main Tree 
36 STAKER, Joseph  16 May 1765Pagham, Sussex, England I1432 Main Tree 
37 STAKER, Joseph  11 Jan 1803Pagham, Sussex, England I1444 Main Tree 
38 STAKER, Martha  23 Jan 1820Pagham, Sussex, England I1687 Main Tree 
39 STAKER, Mary  2 Dec 1821Pagham, Sussex, England I1688 Main Tree 
40 STAKER, Richard Browning  3 Sep 1810Pagham, Sussex, England I1446 Main Tree 
41 STAKER, Richard Ewen  11 Apr 1764Pagham, Sussex, England I1431 Main Tree 
42 STAKER, Robert  6 Dec 1813Pagham, Sussex, England I1684 Main Tree 
43 STAKER, Sarah  21 Nov 1798Pagham, Sussex, England I1442 Main Tree 
44 STAKER, Susan  25 May 1804Pagham, Sussex, England I1680 Main Tree 
45 STAKER, Thomas  23 Apr 1767Pagham, Sussex, England I1434 Main Tree 
46 STAKER, William  14 Apr 1771Pagham, Sussex, England I1436 Main Tree 
47 STAKER, William  20 Nov 1791Pagham, Sussex, England I1439 Main Tree 
48 STAKER, William  24 Dec 1815Pagham, Sussex, England I1685 Main Tree 
49 STAKER, Zaccheus  3 Apr 1768Pagham, Sussex, England I1369 Main Tree 
50 STAKER, Zaccheus  4 Apr 1788Pagham, Sussex, England I1437 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Elizabeth Ewen  W.P. 1688Pagham, Sussex, England I2273 Main Tree 
2 AUSTEN, Mary  Bef 1756Pagham, Sussex, England  I6659 Main Tree 
3 EWEN, Frances  1723Pagham, Sussex, England I1780 Main Tree 
4 EWEN, Henry  Bef 1756Pagham, Sussex, England  I457 Main Tree 
5 EWEN, Mary  Bef 1756Pagham, Sussex, England  I91 Main Tree 
6 EWEN, Thomas  Will 9 Apr 1715Pagham, Sussex, England I679 Main Tree 
7 EWEN, William Sr.  1755Pagham, Sussex, England  I459 Main Tree 
8 STAKER, Elizth  1793Pagham, Sussex, England I1681 Main Tree 
9 STAKER, John  17 Sep 1774Pagham, Sussex, England I1379 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 EWEN, Thomas  W.P. 1715Pagham, Sussex, England I679 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 COLE / EWEN  Abt 1742Pagham, Sussex, England F2121 Main Tree 
2 EWEN /   Abt 1617Pagham, Sussex, England  F784 Main Tree 
3 EWEN /   Abt 1689Pagham, Sussex, England F72 Main Tree 
4 EWEN /   8 Feb 1724Pagham, Sussex, England F478 Main Tree 
5 EWEN / BOUND  2 Apr 1741Pagham, Sussex, England F465 Main Tree 
6 EWEN / EWEN  Abt 1643Pagham, Sussex, England F2117 Main Tree 
7 EWEN / EWEN  Abt 1667Pagham, Sussex, England F2116 Main Tree 
8 EWEN / EWEN  Abt 1722Pagham, Sussex, England F2118 Main Tree 
9 FRY / STAKER  29 Apr 1817Pagham, Sussex, England F496 Main Tree 
10 HOON / STAKER  22 Mar 1824Pagham, Sussex, England F561 Main Tree 
11 KINCH / GRIGGS  19 Nov 1674Pagham, Sussex, England F479 Main Tree 
12 PINCH / AUSTEN  Abt 1732Pagham, Sussex, England F2122 Main Tree 
13 POWELL / STAKER  17 Sep 1810Pagham, Sussex, England F494 Main Tree 
14 READING / EWEN  Abt 1711Pagham, Sussex, England  F740 Main Tree 
15 RISHMAN / SOUTER  12 May 1787Pagham, Sussex, England F901 Main Tree 
16 SHEPARD / AUSTEN  Abt 1755Pagham, Sussex, England F2123 Main Tree 
17 STAKER / EWEN  16 Mar 1761Pagham, Sussex, England F462 Main Tree 
18 STAKER / PAIGE  18 Jan 1834Pagham, Sussex, England F455 Main Tree 
19 STAKER / RANDAL  19 Dec 1824Pagham, Sussex, England F497 Main Tree 
20 STAKER / SOUTER  2 Oct 1787Pagham, Sussex, England F457 Main Tree 
21 THORPE / AUSTEN  Abt 1736Pagham, Sussex, England  F2125 Main Tree 
22 TROTT / STAKER  20 Oct 1814Pagham, Sussex, England F562 Main Tree 
23 TUSSE / AUSTEN  Abt 1734Pagham, Sussex, England F2124 Main Tree