George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Eliza Ann  Abt 1816Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7432 Main Tree 
2 BRIDGE, Sarah  1 Mar 1704Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I97 Main Tree 
3 BURG, Roxana  5 Nov 1837Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7429 Main Tree 
4 HALL, Danforth  12 May 1761Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I1881 Main Tree 
5 JORDAN, Ida May  27 May 1874Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7412 Main Tree 
6 LEIGHTON, Gertrude  24 Oct 1862Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7430 Main Tree 
7 LEWIS, John  27 Aug 1779Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7446 Main Tree 
8 LYONS-SYNETTE, Harry S.  4 Apr 1853Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I12 Main Tree 
9 PARISH, Barbara Patrecia   I6435 Main Tree 
10 REED, John Hooper  3 Aug 1827Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7377 Main Tree 
11 SMYTH, Edwin Pierce  14 Aug 1865Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7392 Main Tree 
12 SYNETTE, Frank  8 Apr 1860Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I149 Main Tree 
13 SYNETTE, George B.  17 Sep 1865Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I151 Main Tree 
14 SYNETTE, Lena E.  Apr 1861Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I150 Main Tree 
15 SYNETTE LEIGHTON, Harry William  3 Jan 1892Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7375 Main Tree 
16 WALLIS, Francis Bates  1 Oct 1825Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I5615 Main Tree 
17 WALLIS, George F. A.  2 Dec 1829Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7445 Main Tree 
18 WALLIS, George Francis  20 May 1853Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I160 Main Tree 
19 WHEELER, Florence E.  20 May 1866Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7411 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BATES, Maria  4 Mar 1872Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7444 Main Tree 
2 BURG, Roxana  5 Aug 1883Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7429 Main Tree 
3 HOOPER, Elizabeth Trevett  8 Oct 1859Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7419 Main Tree 
4 HUNTRESS, John  Dec 1870Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I8778 Main Tree 
5 HUNTRESS, Timothy  21 Sep 1863Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I8844 Main Tree 
6 LEIGHTON, Gertrude  27 Aug 1884Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7430 Main Tree 
7 LEIGHTON, Mary Ellen (twin)  19 Jun 1928Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7441 Main Tree 
8 LEWIS, Nathaniel  25 Feb 1818Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7448 Main Tree 
9 LEWIS, Thomas  9 May 1813Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7452 Main Tree 
10 MERRY, Sarah  22 May 1835Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7453 Main Tree 
11 REED, Benjamin Tyler  28 Mar 1874Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7418 Main Tree 
12 RING, Frances  29 Sep 1864Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I8094 Main Tree 
13 RING, Jefferson  6 Oct 1857Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I8452 Main Tree 
14 RING, Reuben French  1 Aug 1841Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I8445 Main Tree 
15 SMITH, Frank S.  26 Apr 1883Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7386 Main Tree 
16 SMITH, Isaac H.  3 Apr 1888Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7385 Main Tree 
17 SMYTH, Edwin Pierce  14 Jan 1900Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7392 Main Tree 
18 SMYTH, Eliza Paine  17 Jun 1894Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7406 Main Tree 
19 SMYTH, Gamaliel Bowly  23 Aug 1888Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7402 Main Tree 
20 SMYTH, Mary Groves  30 Nov 1894Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7410 Main Tree 
21 SYNETTE, Frank  10 Apr 1860Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I149 Main Tree 
22 SYNETTE, Lena E.  7 Mar 1942Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I150 Main Tree 
23 SYNETTE, William J.  29 Feb 1896Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16 Main Tree 
24 TRUFANT, Amy Gertrude Carr  1941Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7742 Main Tree 
25 TRUFANT, Sarah Brooks  12 Apr 1881Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I27 Main Tree 
26 WALLIS, George F. A.  29 Apr 1881Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7445 Main Tree 
27 WALLIS, Mordecai Lincoln  26 Apr 1857Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7443 Main Tree 
28 WILLIAMS, John H.  29 Jan 1867Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts  I26 Main Tree 
29 WILLIAMS, Mary S.  11 Aug 1874Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7389 Main Tree 
30 WILLIAMS, Rachel Small  9 Feb 1904Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I17 Main Tree 
31 WILLIAMS, Sarah Ring  20 Jul 1875Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I5611 Main Tree 
32 WILLIAMS, Susan H.  Abt 1914Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I7388 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 SYNETTE, William J.  Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts I16 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN / SAVEL  3 Oct 1723Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts  F54 Main Tree 
2 BURG /   Abt 1835Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2382 Main Tree 
3 HUFF / SYNETTE  27 Feb 1869Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F98 Main Tree 
4 LEEMAN / RING  7 Dec 1873Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2636 Main Tree 
5 LEIGHTON / BURG  27 Sep 1857Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2381 Main Tree 
6 LEWIS / LEWIS  30 Jul 1815Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2385 Main Tree 
7 RIDER / LANE  Abt 1648Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts  F260 Main Tree 
8 SMITH / WILLIAMS  Abt 1850Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2371 Main Tree 
9 SMYTH / WILLIAMS  3 Jan 1857Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2372 Main Tree 
10 SYNETTE / WHEELER  15 Nov 1890Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2376 Main Tree 
11 SYNETTE / WILLIAMS  7 Sep 1844Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F10 Main Tree 
12 TRUFANT / DALE  29 Nov 1859Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts  F2441 Main Tree 
13 TRUFANT / TURNER  9 Jul 1732Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F51 Main Tree 
14 WALLIS / BATES  17 Jun 1824Boston, Suffolk, Massachusetts F2384 Main Tree