George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 DENT, George  4 May 1684Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7959 Main Tree 
2 MADDOX, Ann  Abt 1700Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I435 Main Tree 
3 MADDOX, Anne Fowler  28 Sep 1847Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7995 Main Tree 
4 MADDOX, Catherine  1758Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7978 Main Tree 
5 MADDOX, Dr. Thomas James Notley  3 Apr 1810Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7988 Main Tree 
6 MADDOX, Edward  1751Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7976 Main Tree 
7 MADDOX, Eleanor Wilson  1760Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7979 Main Tree 
8 MADDOX, Elizabeth  1756Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7977 Main Tree 
9 MADDOX, Jane  Abt 1703Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I436 Main Tree 
10 MADDOX, John  1680Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7966 Main Tree 
11 MADDOX, John  1705Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I412 Main Tree 
12 MADDOX, John  1750Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7975 Main Tree 
13 MADDOX, Margaret  Abt 1715Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I6793 Main Tree 
14 MADDOX, Notley Jr.  Abt 1698Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I434 Main Tree 
15 MADDOX, Notley  1754Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7974 Main Tree 
16 MADDOX, Samuel Jr.  1674Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7964 Main Tree 
17 MADDOX, Samuel  1697Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I433 Main Tree 
18 MADDOX, Samuel  5 Mar 1770Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7980 Main Tree 
19 MADDOX, Sarah  Abt 1701Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I437 Main Tree 
20 MADDOX, William  1676Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7965 Main Tree 
21 NOTLEY, Lady Ann  1640Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I443 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOLDSMITH, John  31 Jul 1683Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I444 Main Tree 
2 GOLDSMITH, Margaret  Sep 1739Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I432 Main Tree 
3 MADDOX, Notley Sr.  26 Mar 1716Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I431 Main Tree 
4 MADDOX, Samuel  9 Mar 1684Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I442 Main Tree 
5 MADDOX, Samuel Jr.  1725Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7964 Main Tree 
6 MADDOX, Samuel  6 Dec 1739Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I433 Main Tree 
7 MADDOX, Samuel  16 Mar 1801Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I418 Main Tree 
8 MADDOX, Samuel  5 Jan 1842Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I7980 Main Tree 
9 NOTLEY, Lady Ann  1682Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland I443 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 MADDOX / NOTLEY  1669Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland F180 Main Tree 
2 MADDOX / WARREN  Abt 1723Chaptico, St. Mary's, Maryland F182 Main Tree