George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Rachel  Abt 1731Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I59 Main Tree 
2 BARSTOW, Deborah  Aug 1650Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1854 Main Tree 
3 BARSTOW, Miss  1647Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1853 Main Tree 
4 BARSTOW, Sarah  1645Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1852 Main Tree 
5 BERSTOW, Benjamin  22 Jul 1690Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1847 Main Tree 
6 BERSTOW, Martha  1678Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1843 Main Tree 
7 BERSTOW, Mary  21 Feb 1687Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1846 Main Tree 
8 BERSTOW, Mr.  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1844 Main Tree 
9 BERSTOW, Rebecca  12 Mar 1676Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1842 Main Tree 
10 BERSTOW, Susanna  8 Mar 1693Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1848 Main Tree 
11 BERSTOW, William  23 Nov 1684Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1845 Main Tree 
12 BROOKS, Elizabeth  Oct 1687Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I362 Main Tree 
13 BROOKS, Gilbert  9 Nov 1690Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I106 Main Tree 
14 BROOKS, Hanna  4 Nov 1697Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I364 Main Tree 
15 BROOKS, Hannah  4 Nov 1679Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I359 Main Tree 
16 BROOKS, Hannah  16 Sep 1740Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I519 Main Tree 
17 BROOKS, Mercy  2 Dec 1685Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I361 Main Tree 
18 BROOKS, Nathannaell  Aug 1693Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I363 Main Tree 
19 BROOKS, Sarah  30 Jan 1745Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I57 Main Tree 
20 BROOKS, William  Jul 1683Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I360 Main Tree 
21 BROOKS, William  12 Jul 1714Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I358 Main Tree 
22 CHURCH, Judith  8 Oct 1703Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I366 Main Tree 
23 CLIFT, William Jr.  30 Apr 1700Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I322 Main Tree 
24 CURTIS, Amos  15 Jul 1722Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1771 Main Tree 
25 CURTIS, Anna  12 May 1649Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I714 Main Tree 
26 CURTIS, Anna  14 Apr 1711Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1767 Main Tree 
27 CURTIS, Deborah  16 Apr 1661Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I718 Main Tree 
28 CURTIS, Deborah  17 Feb 1697Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I107 Main Tree 
29 CURTIS, Deborah  Abt 1722Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I69 Main Tree 
30 CURTIS, Elizabeth  12 Jan 1651Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I109 Main Tree 
31 CURTIS, John  1 Dec 1653Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I700 Main Tree 
32 CURTIS, Martha  15 Mar 1657Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I716 Main Tree 
33 CURTIS, Martha  3 Aug 1713Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1768 Main Tree 
34 CURTIS, Mary  9 Jan 1655Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I715 Main Tree 
35 CURTIS, Mehitable  9 Sep 1726Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1772 Main Tree 
36 CURTIS, Miriam  1 Jan 1715Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1769 Main Tree 
37 CURTIS, Samuel  Abt 1681Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1381 Main Tree 
38 CURTIS, Samuel  24 Jun 1708Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1766 Main Tree 
39 CURTIS, Sarah  20 Jul 1663Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I719 Main Tree 
40 CURTIS, Simeon  1 Jun 1720Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1770 Main Tree 
41 CURTIS, Thomas  18 Mar 1659Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I717 Main Tree 
42 DOUGHTY, Elizabeth (Or Doty)  5 Mar 1654Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1024 Main Tree 
43 DOUGHTY, James (Or Doty)  21 Feb 1651Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1023 Main Tree 
44 DOUGHTY, Lydia (Or Doty)  14 Feb 1658Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1026 Main Tree 
45 DOUGHTY, Martha (Or Doty)  12 Apr 1657Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1025 Main Tree 
46 DOUGHTY, Mary (Or Doty)  23 Jun 1650Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1022 Main Tree 
47 DOUGHTY, Robert (Or Robard) (Or Doty)  14 Feb 1667Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1029 Main Tree 
48 DOUGHTY, Samuel (Or Doty)  29 Sep 1664Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1028 Main Tree 
49 DOUGHTY, Sarah (Or Doty)  2 Apr 1662Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1027 Main Tree 
50 DOUGHTY, Susanna (Or Doty)  15 Feb 1670Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1030 Main Tree 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 BARSTOW, Martha  22 Apr 1655Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1855 Main Tree 
2 BERSTOW, Mr.  7 Nov 1680Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1844 Main Tree 
3 BROOKS, Deborah  18 Mar 1654Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I696 Main Tree 
4 BROOKS, Ebenezer  23 Mar 1722Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I2258 Main Tree 
5 BROOKS, Gilbert Jr.  13 Jul 1718Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I68 Main Tree 
6 BROOKS, Hannah  14 Sep 1645Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I692 Main Tree 
7 BROOKS, Joanna  16 Oct 1659Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I698 Main Tree 
8 BROOKS, John  17 Aug 1740Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I314 Main Tree 
9 BROOKS, Mary  28 Nov 1647Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I693 Main Tree 
10 BROOKS, Miriam  6 Jan 1652Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I695 Main Tree 
11 BROOKS, Nathaniel  29 Mar 1646Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I108 Main Tree 
12 BROOKS, Samuel  6 Mar 1742Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I315 Main Tree 
13 BROOKS, Sarah  26 May 1650Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I694 Main Tree 
14 BROOKS, Thomas  28 Jun 1657Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I697 Main Tree 
15 CURTIS, Elizabeth  4 Jul 1652Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I109 Main Tree 
16 CURTIS, John  9 Dec 1653Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I700 Main Tree 
17 LAMBORD, James  24 Aug 1729Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1764 Main Tree 
18 LEWIS, John  11 Mar 1638Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I585 Main Tree 
19 LOMBARD, James  24 Aug 1729Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I304 Main Tree 
20 LOMBARD, Luce  30 May 1742Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I309 Main Tree 
21 LOMBARD, Lydiah  17 Aug 1735Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I308 Main Tree 
22 LOMBARD, Mary  3 Jun 1733Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I307 Main Tree 
23 TICKNOR, William  26 Jun 1664Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1195 Main Tree 
24 TURNER, Amos  4 Jun 1671Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1009 Main Tree 
25 TURNER, Grace  2 Aug 1668Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1017 Main Tree 
26 TURNER, Joseph  1 Jan 1636Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I977 Main Tree 
27 TURNER, Mary  25 Jan 1635Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I976 Main Tree 
28 TURNER, Nathaniel  10 Mar 1638Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I978 Main Tree 
29 TURNER, Phillip  15 May 1659Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I968 Main Tree 
30 TURNER, Ruth  17 May 1662Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1006 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I720 Main Tree 
2 BARSTOW, Joseph  17 Apr 1712Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1849 Main Tree 
3 BERESTO, William  1 Jan 1668/1669Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  I1385 Main Tree 
4 BERSTOW, Mr.  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1844 Main Tree 
5 BROOKS, Gilbert  6 Dec 1768Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I106 Main Tree 
6 BROOKS, Thomas  30 May 1733Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I697 Main Tree 
7 BROOKS, William  30 Dec 1688Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I111 Main Tree 
8 BURT, Mary  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I691 Main Tree 
9 CURTIS, John  1680Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I728 Main Tree 
10 CURTIS, Richard  1693Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I110 Main Tree 
11 GAYMER, Lydia  Before 1673Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I940 Main Tree 
12 HALLET, Ann  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I112 Main Tree 
13 HALLET, John  1674Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I113 Main Tree 
14 JAMES, Ann  1678Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I945 Main Tree 
15 LEWIS, Mary  2 Jul 1655Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I581 Main Tree 
16 LILLY, Joan  Abt 1645Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I1035 Main Tree 
17 NOYES, Richardene  29 Oct 1673Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I705 Main Tree 
18 TURNER, Humphrey  5 Jun 1673Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I921 Main Tree 
19 TURNER, John (the Elder)  Abt 1637Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I946 Main Tree 
20 TURNER, John (young John)  28 Jun 1697Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I920 Main Tree 
21 TURNER, Thomas  Nov 1688Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts I975 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 / CURTIS  25 Jul 1694Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F590 Main Tree 
2 BABCOCK / CURTIS  1 Aug 1676Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F298 Main Tree 
3 BAKER / BARSTOW  1677Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  F594 Main Tree 
4 BANKS / CURTIS  Abt 1643/1645Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F303 Main Tree 
5 BARSTOW /   1675Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  F469 Main Tree 
6 BARSTOW / LINCOLN  16 May 1666Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  F591 Main Tree 
7 BERESTO / MARRETT  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F598 Main Tree 
8 BISBEE / BROOKS  13 Sep 1687Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F289 Main Tree 
9 BROOKS / BISBEE  6 Jun 1687Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F288 Main Tree 
10 BROOKS / BURT  Abt 1644Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F86 Main Tree 
11 BROOKS / CURTIS  24 Dec 1678Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F85 Main Tree 
12 BROOKS / CURTIS  Abt 1713Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F61 Main Tree 
13 BROOKS / CURTIS  21 Jul 1739Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F52 Main Tree 
14 BRYANT / LEWIS  14 Nov 1643Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F243 Main Tree 
15 CHAMBERS / NOYES  25 May 1632Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F292 Main Tree 
16 CHURCH / BARSTOW  1665Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F595 Main Tree 
17 CLARK / CURTIS  11 Jan 1676Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F299 Main Tree 
18 CLIFT / CHURCH  28 Apr 1720Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F55 Main Tree 
19 CURTIS /   Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F467 Main Tree 
20 CURTIS / BERSTOW  11 Sep 1707Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F468 Main Tree 
21 CURTIS / BROOKS  4 Apr 1678Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F286 Main Tree 
22 CURTIS / COOK  6 Mar 1694Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F300 Main Tree 
23 CURTIS / HALLET  1648Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F87 Main Tree 
24 DOUGHTY / TURNER  15 Aug 1649Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F377 Main Tree 
25 INGRAM / BARSTOW  14 May 1656Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  F592 Main Tree 
26 JENKINS / HANFORD  Abt 1649Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F227 Main Tree 
27 LEWIS /   Abt 1675Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F246 Main Tree 
28 LOMBARD / BRIDGE  15 Nov 1725Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F53 Main Tree 
29 LOMBARD / BROOKS  16 Nov 1762Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F187 Main Tree 
30 LOMBARD/LAMBORD / ALLEN  Abt 1753Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F40 Main Tree 
31 PARKER / TURNER  1661Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F379 Main Tree 
32 PRINCE / BARSTOW  9 Dec 1674Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F597 Main Tree 
33 SHATTUCK / BARSTOW  9 Nov 1670Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  F596 Main Tree 
34 SIMMONS / BARSTOW  1662Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts  F593 Main Tree 
35 STETSON / BROOKS  Abt 1675/1678Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F287 Main Tree 
36 STUDLEY / BROOKS  Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F285 Main Tree 
37 TICKNOR /   2 Nov 1696Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F402 Main Tree 
38 TURNER / HYLAND  6 Jan 1651/1652Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F376 Main Tree 
39 TURNER / JAMES  25 Apr 1649Scituate, Plymouth, Massachusetts F280 Main Tree