George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Spencer, Owen, Indiana



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 McINDOO, Alta May  2 May 1883Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6982 Main Tree 
2 McINDOO, Charles Franklin  26 Sep 1852Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6396 Main Tree 
3 McINDOO, Charles W.  28 Jan 1877Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6980 Main Tree 
4 McINDOO, Elizabeth  20 Oct 1847Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6395 Main Tree 
5 McINDOO, Emma  15 Nov 1872Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6979 Main Tree 
6 McINDOO, George Edward  23 Dec 1840Spencer, Owen, Indiana  I6391 Main Tree 
7 McINDOO, Jacob  20 Oct 1847Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6394 Main Tree 
8 McINDOO, James William  6 Jul 1839Spencer, Owen, Indiana  I6390 Main Tree 
9 McINDOO, John Milton  6 Jan 1845Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6393 Main Tree 
10 McINDOO, Joseph M.  8 Dec 1843Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6392 Main Tree 
11 McINDOO, Mary Ann  29 Jul 1837Spencer, Owen, Indiana  I6389 Main Tree 
12 McINDOO, Mary Minnette  12 Nov 1876Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6999 Main Tree 
13 McINDOO, Millison  21 Mar 1879Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6981 Main Tree 
14 McINDOO, Rolla Eshton  18 Dec 1880Spencer, Owen, Indiana I7001 Main Tree 
15 McINDOO, Sarah A.  3 Jun 1878Spencer, Owen, Indiana I7000 Main Tree 
16 McINDOO, Sarah Ellen  23 Feb 1850Spencer, Owen, Indiana I384 Main Tree 
17 MOUNTS, Benjamin Franklin  24 Mar 1864Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9268 Main Tree 
18 MOUNTS, George Washington  27 Aug 1853Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9264 Main Tree 
19 MOUNTS, James Thomas  18 Nov 1844Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9260 Main Tree 
20 MOUNTS, Margaret Ann  31 May 1851Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9263 Main Tree 
21 MOUNTS, Mary Francis  30 Nov 1842Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9259 Main Tree 
22 MOUNTS, Rachel Melvina  19 Jul 1856Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9265 Main Tree 
23 MOUNTS, Rhoda Ellen  15 Apr 1861Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9267 Main Tree 
24 MOUNTS, Sarah Elizabeth  13 Dec 1846Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9261 Main Tree 
25 MOUNTS, William Anderson  1 Apr 1849Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9262 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 CAIN, Jane  12 Mar 1860Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9258 Main Tree 
2 DEAN, Mary F.  22 Apr 1905Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6933 Main Tree 
3 McINDOO, Alta May  1978Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6982 Main Tree 
4 McINDOO, Charles W.  25 Feb 1900Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6980 Main Tree 
5 McINDOO, George Edward  15 Feb 1859Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6391 Main Tree 
6 McINDOO, John Milton  8 Jan 1915Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6393 Main Tree 
7 McINDOO, Mary Minnette  6 Sep 1962Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6999 Main Tree 
8 McINDOO, Sarah M.  18 Jul 1932Spencer, Owen, Indiana I6880 Main Tree 
9 MOUNTS, Mary Ann  28 May 1904Spencer, Owen, Indiana I9250 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 McINDOO / WILLIAMS  4 Dec 1875Spencer, Owen, Indiana F2190 Main Tree 
2 MOUNTS / KNAPP  29 May 1860Spencer, Owen, Indiana F2708 Main Tree