George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATWOOD, Phebe  22 Sep 1772Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I7400 Main Tree 
2 BROWN, Ruth Cobb  6 Oct 1793Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I7398 Main Tree 
3 BROWN, Samuel Hinckley  6 Oct 1771Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I7399 Main Tree 
4 LOMBARD, Ebenezer  12 Mar 1705Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I529 Main Tree 
5 LOMBARD, Ephriam  18 Aug 1716Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I532 Main Tree 
6 LOMBARD, Hannah  4 Oct 1720Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I533 Main Tree 
7 LOMBARD, Lewis  23 Feb 1712Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I531 Main Tree 
8 LOMBARD, Rev. Solomon  5 Apr 1702Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I528 Main Tree 
9 LOMBARD, Sarah  4 Aug 1708Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I530 Main Tree 
10 LUMBART, Benjamin  23 Mar 1722Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1914 Main Tree 
11 LUMBART, David  21 May 1732Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1920 Main Tree 
12 LUMBART, Ebenezer  Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1924 Main Tree 
13 LUMBART, Elizabeth  2 Feb 1730Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1919 Main Tree 
14 LUMBART, John  4 Aug 1727Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1917 Main Tree 
15 LUMBART, Joseph  Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1925 Main Tree 
16 LUMBART, Joshua  13 May 1733Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1921 Main Tree 
17 LUMBART, Nathan  28 Mar 1725Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1916 Main Tree 
18 LUMBART, Rebecca  26 Sep 1734Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1922 Main Tree 
19 LUMBART, Simeon  29 Nov 1729Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1918 Main Tree 
20 LUMBART, Susanna  4 May 1721Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1913 Main Tree 
21 LUMBART, Susanna  30 Apr 1723Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1915 Main Tree 
22 LUMBART, Thomas  26 Mar 1737Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1923 Main Tree 
23 LUMBERT, Jedidiah  28 Jun 1718Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1911 Main Tree 
24 LUMBERT, Joseph  1 May 1717Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1910 Main Tree 
25 LUMBERT, Mary  13 Dec 1719Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1912 Main Tree 
26 LUMBERT, Ruth  22 Sep 1744Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1926 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 LUMBART, Ebenezer  25 Jun 1738Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1924 Main Tree 
2 LUMBART, Joseph  13 Jul 1740Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1925 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ATWOOD, Phebe  1 Jan 1795Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I7400 Main Tree 
2 LEWIS, Hannah  25 Apr 1743Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I497 Main Tree 
3 LOMBARD, Ephriam  4 Dec 1803Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I532 Main Tree 
4 LOMBARD, Hannah  6 Oct 1805Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I533 Main Tree 
5 LOMBARD, Jedidiah  12 Sep 1739Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I496 Main Tree 
6 LUMBART, David  7 Sep 1732Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1920 Main Tree 
7 LUMBART, Susanna  24 May 1721Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1913 Main Tree 
8 LUMBERT/LOMBARD, Jedidiah  Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I498 Main Tree 
9 WHITE, Mary  17 Dec 1741Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I1908 Main Tree 
10 WING, Hannah  27 Feb 1682Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I499 Main Tree 
11 WING, Oseah  13 Jun 1729Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts I8339 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BROWN / ATWOOD  16 Feb 1792Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts F2375 Main Tree 
2 LUMBART / WHITE  25 Sep 1716Truro, Barnstable, Massachusetts  F620 Main Tree