George Emery LYONS Sr. Genealogy

Walberton, Sussex, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 AYLING, Thomas  Abt 1753Walberton, Sussex, England I2529 Main Tree 
2 KING, John  Abt 1699Walberton, Sussex, England I2533 Main Tree 
3 MYLLE, Anne  Abt 1568Walberton, Sussex, England I1797 Main Tree 
4 WHEELER, Martha  Abt 1701Walberton, Sussex, England I2534 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 KING, Louisa  16 Apr 1732Walberton, Sussex, England I2207 Main Tree 
2 SOUTER, Ann  18 Mar 1763Walberton, Sussex, England I2524 Main Tree 
3 SOUTER, Elizabeth  5 Jan 1755Walberton, Sussex, England I2522 Main Tree 
4 SOUTER, Henry  25 Dec 1771Walberton, Sussex, England I2526 Main Tree 
5 SOUTER, John  10 Apr 1774Walberton, Sussex, England I2527 Main Tree 
6 SOUTER, Martha  6 Apr 1777Walberton, Sussex, England I2528 Main Tree 
7 SOUTER, Mary  2 Oct 1770Walberton, Sussex, England I1370 Main Tree 
8 SOUTER, Sarah  28 Mar 1761Walberton, Sussex, England I2523 Main Tree 
9 SOUTER, Susan  19 Feb 1769Walberton, Sussex, England I2525 Main Tree 
10 STAKER, Ann  16 Sep 1622Walberton, Sussex, England I1793 Main Tree 
11 STAKER, Anne  13 Sep 1672Walberton, Sussex, England I454 Main Tree 
12 STAKER, Edward  14 Dec 1617Walberton, Sussex, England I1786 Main Tree 
13 STAKER, Edward Gentleman  28 Jan 1642Walberton, Sussex, England I1787 Main Tree 
14 STAKER, Edward Gentleman  12 Dec 1669Walberton, Sussex, England I449 Main Tree 
15 STAKER, Henry Gentleman  14 Jan 1640Walberton, Sussex, England I453 Main Tree 
16 STAKER, Henry Jr. Gentleman  1 Apr 1675Walberton, Sussex, England I452 Main Tree 
17 STAKER, John  21 Jan 1683Walberton, Sussex, England I1397 Main Tree 
18 STAKER, Margarett  27 Mar 1628Walberton, Sussex, England I1794 Main Tree 
19 STAKER, Mary  21 Mar 1670Walberton, Sussex, England I1940 Main Tree 
20 STAKER, Richard  23 Aug 1676Walberton, Sussex, England I450 Main Tree 
21 STAKER, Susan  16 Jan 1675Walberton, Sussex, England I455 Main Tree 
22 STAKER, Susanna  7 Sep 1645Walberton, Sussex, England I1788 Main Tree 
23 STAKER, Thomas  14 Mar 1589Walberton, Sussex, England I1800 Main Tree 
24 STAKER, Thomas  28 May 1650Walberton, Sussex, England I1790 Main Tree 
25 STAKER, Thomas  12 Feb 1681Walberton, Sussex, England I456 Main Tree 
26 STAKER, William Gentleman  17 Jun 1648Walberton, Sussex, England I1789 Main Tree 
27 STAKER, William  14 Apr 1678Walberton, Sussex, England I451 Main Tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 PATCHING, Anne  1666/1667Walberton, Sussex, England I1795 Main Tree 
2 SOUTER, Elizabeth  2 Mar 1810Walberton, Sussex, England I2522 Main Tree 
3 SOUTER, Henry  19 Aug 1789Walberton, Sussex, England I2163 Main Tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 AYLING / SOUTER  2 Mar 1775Walberton, Sussex, England F898 Main Tree 
2 KING / KING  Abt 1697Walberton, Sussex, England F911 Main Tree 
3 KING / WHEELER  21 Jun 1721Walberton, Sussex, England F902 Main Tree 
4 SOUTER / KING  Abt 1754Walberton, Sussex, England F728 Main Tree 
5 STAKER / NASH  21 Feb 1668Walberton, Sussex, England F66 Main Tree 
6 WHEELER / WHEELER  Abt 1700Walberton, Sussex, England F950 Main Tree